Our Story

Our Start Up
We are a fast growing company based in the Netherlands. We started our company because of a struggle. When you buy a brand new phone case it is beautifull at daylight but.... you don't want your phone to just be beautifull at daylight, you want it to be beautifull at night aswell. That was our first struggle the second one was when its completly dark at night and you see nothing it is very hard to find your phone. We want to be abble to grab our phones in an instant. That's why we came with the ultimate solution. A Glow In The Dark phone case!

Our Mission
We started this company with one mission. Our mission is to help as much people with the struggles we where experiencing when buying a new phone case or with finding our phones in the Dark. We wan't to grow out to the biggest phone case company in the world. We are working very hard to make it possible to sell our phone cases not only on our online store but also in retail stores in your neighboorhood.

Join our Team
Do you think you can bring value to our company? Are you driven by the same passion as we do? Then stop looking and contact us with your motivation and the value you can add to our company. We are looking forward to work with new faces!